Data Destruction

  • We provide secure data destruction services and ensure complete protection of any sensitive and personal information stored on electronic devices.
  • Digital storage media can contain employee records, business critical information and other private and confidential data. As such, we destroy data on every individual hard drive, tape drive, flash memory device and solid state storage media contained within assets for disposal. All data destruction is performed to the highest military-grade standards, and total data destruction is verified after wiping. In some cases, software-based data destruction does not completely destroy all data. For these items, the media is physically destroyed to ensure complete data security.
  • All data storage devices are wiped, or physically destroyed and completely recycled for their metal content. Additional levels of data destruction are available
  • Go through a careful process to ensure the data and commercial in confidence information is secure.
  • Hard drives and other storage media are removed from the equipment for wiping and/or physical destruction. The drives are securely stored prior to physical destruction.
  • Asset tags and identifiers are removed from the equipment to ensure customer privacy and any sensitive commercial documentation is shredded in a commercial shredder ready to be sent to a paper recycling company.
  • The equipment is assessed for the appropriate recycling stream to avoid double handling and the most efficient method of disposal.
  • Onsite Data Erasure – This typically includes TES deploying technicians to customers location and wiping the storage devices in accordance with a regimented operating procedures. For small or remote locations, they have the option of providing software licenses and training via an easy to use platform and process. 

    In either case the data overwrite is performed to exceed the NIST 800-88 standard (supersedes Department of Defense 5220-22-M standard) and it ensures that 100% of sectors are overwritten. Drives with damaged sectors that cannot be overwritten are removed and shredded. Proof of successful completion of the data erasure is provided through a certificate of data destruction that is generated once the device is successfully wiped.

use data destruction software that is compliant with US Government standards and comes with a data destruction certificate.


Type of Data Wipes:

  • Single Pass Wipe; Suitable for the general user, Hard drives receive a standard Single Pass Wipe.
  • 3 Pass Wipe; Suitable for standard businesses, the 3 Pass Wipe is recommended for those wanting to erase confidential  information.
  • 7 Pass Wipe: Suitable for government and private businesses that handle sensitive information, the 7 Pass Wipe is recommended for those wanting to erase highly confidential information.
  • Physical Destruction; The ultimate in hard drive destruction. The hard drive will be shredded.